About Jeanne

Designer, Jeanne Guinn



Every child has a hero. Whether it be a comic book character, such as Super Man or Wonder Woman, a Prince from a Disney Movie or a Secret Agent from a favorite TV show. Every hero stands out in their mind for their own unique reason. For me, my heroes were my grandparents. Both of my grandparents were gemologists who traveled to the corners of the world in search of the finest gemstones. As a child story time for me was less like a Disney Fairytale and more like an Indiana Jones movie. My grandfather’s stories of hiking through the remote jungles of Africa and wading in the rivers of Sri Lanka in order to reach small villages or mines captured my attention. My fondest memories were sitting on his lap while looking at sparkling gemstones and learning about each one’s unique qualities. His stories and our quality time together led to a serious case of wanderlust and a true passion for gemstones.

Growing up with a love for fashion and gemstones, my life took a detour. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Business, I found myself working in the high tech industry. When the bubble burst, I found myself out of work and asking myself a lot of questions about my future. At that point, I revisited my passion for gemstones and fashion and Urban Posh was born.

It’s been over thirteen wonderful years since I started Urban Posh and I still wake up every day grateful that I have the privilege of creating jewelry for amazing boutiques and thousands of women worldwide.




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